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Founded in 2014, SPILL CONGO is a 100% Congolese-owned and registered company under the OHADA law in force within the region. It is a fusion of four (4) companies, of which two (2) existed respectively in the Republic of the Congo and the Republic of Angola.
The company which existed in Angola was specialized in logistics and general trade. It ultimately faced bankruptcy and was bought out in 2013. The same year, however, the other company in the Republic of the Congo, specialized in global sourcing and retail of pollution control products, also faced the same predicament and eventually got bought out as well. Meanwhile, two companies in the Democratic Republic of the Congo namely ETS Bendele & ETS Entech Services specialized respectively in Supply Chain Management and (Pollution) Pest Control were experiencing financial zenith. Subsequently, ETS Bendele & ETS Entech Services decided to go JV (Joint Venture) in 2013. In early 2014, Ambassadors Obed Tshilomboji Muyumbe and Eddy Mukuna Kabongo decided to create SPILL CONGO by buying out the Angolan and Republic of Congo's bankrupted companies. The fusion became effective when these last companies were bought out and merged with both ETS Bendele and Entech Services to become SPILL CONGO s.a.r.l. SPILL CONGO s.a.r.l is now developing its branches across central Africa and is believed to expand beyond the SADC and ECCAS region.

Our Mission and Vision

In this modern world, the exploitation of raw materials has become more than just a one-time desire. It's a need. We need raw materials to support our lives. This exploitation, however, can be done without creating a-monster-to-become, Pollution! We can mitigate this risk by ensuring we take very good care of our environment for the next generation to refrain putting the blame on us. In this regard, our mission is:

  • To contribute in mitigating the risks associated with pollution by commercializing the right pollution control products, to the right buyers, at the right moment, cost-efficiently.
  • To continue to find a trade-off between being both responsive and cost-effective when providing any type of services to our clients.
  • We uphold the truthfulness of these words: Our customers are Our Kings!

Our Vision:

Our vision serves as a road-map and guides every aspect of our business. Just like our motto, Pragmatism, we believe in simplicity in the other side of complexity. We want to continue to achieve sustainable and quality growth through our valued human resources.

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