Spillcongo primary service is to provide rapid spill response team to contain a situation in case of accidents Show Me Details Rapid Spill Response Unit


We provide an active program to control pollution of areas where spillage has occured and contain the situation Show Me Details Prevent Environment Destruction


We have a range of specialized services to help companies maintain an environment friendly status Show Me Details Be Environment Friendly


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Spill Congo is an accredited pollution control company based in the Democratic Republic of Congo with an extensive service coverage throughout Southern and Central Africa. We also supply and distribute industrial safety kits and equipments to re-sellers and consumers. We have a wide product catalogue ranging from chemical spillage removal products to safety and protective equipment for multiple purposes. We provide a fast response service to assist in cleaning of hazardous material spillage and decontamination of affect environment.

SPILL CONGO is a polyvalent company headquartered in Lubumbashi, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, with branches in many countries across Africa.
SPILL CONGO is an approved and official partner of SPILL TECH (SA) in providing instant and effective solutions in Oil and Chemical pollution control. Besides being the Central African leader in pollution control solutions, SPILL CONGO also is renowned for providing quality and cost-effective services to its clients, which includes extractive industry and the DRC's governmental institutions.

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Spillcongo offers a diversity of professional dedicated services and a wide range of industrial and commercial products.
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