Our range of services

Spill response services

  1. Containment and clean-up of spill
  2. Site management
  3. Disposal of contaminated product
  4. In situ treatment of contaminated soil
  5. Site remediation and monitoring
  6. Assessment and reporting

Hazardous waste management services

  1. Waste transportation
  2. All waste removal
  3. Site assessment and management
  4. Site decontamination
  5. Appropriate waste skips

Industrial Cleaning services

  1. Bulk storage and Tank cleaning
  2. Confined space cleaning
  3. Fire debris removal
  4. High pressure cleaning
  5. Transfers and upliftments

Contaminated land rehabilitation services

  1. Polluted soil management
  2. Polluted soil treatment
  3. Excavation and bioremediation
  4. In-situ soil remediation
  5. Treatment of soil with Biotreat
  6. Sample testing and reporting

Liquid fire services on special order

Spill Congo is also a major supplier of pollution control products. Among other products, we supply the following:

    1. Chemical absorbents
    2. Oil absorbents
    3. Universal absorbents
    4. Chemical spill kits
    5. Oil spill kits
    6. Universal spill kits

Other services

  1. Pest Control
  2. Facility management
  3. Supply of PPE (all kinds)
  4. Staff Training
  5. Services on request.

Marine response services

  1. Complete site management
  2. Container ship fire clean up
  3. Fire debris removal
  4. Booming and containment
  5. Waste removal
  6. Marine spill response

Logistics and Transportation

In situ transportation of company staff

    1. Pick up and drop off of VIPs
    2. Customs and Clearance Services
    3. Transportation of minerals or reagents to/from: Durban, Tanga, Dar Es Salaam, Zambia and Kolwezi

Super sucker services on special order

  1. Separator cleaning
  2. Thick sludge and slurry removal
  3. Drain jetting and lancing
  4. Contaminated liquid recovery
  5. Recovery of solids
  6. Surface cleaning

International Purchasing Centers

We buy goods and mine consumables for you. Please tell us what you want and our procurement services will do the rest and submit a quote to you.

We also specialize in searching for and finding the right commodity from the right source with the right quality at the right cost and deliver within the required lead time.